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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Get Rid of Unwanted Holiday Items and Reap Big Benefits

Happy Holidays! After the holidays are over, you may be left with a lot of things you won’t need until next winter holiday season, and some things you may just not want to hold onto. Consider recycling as an option for getting rid of unwanted items. You may reap benefits far greater than helping the environment. For example:
  • Send your unwanted Christmas card (and Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Easter, Get Well, Sympathy or note cards) to St. Jude’s Ranch. The children of St. Jude’s Ranch recycle the front of cards and sell them as a way to build workforce skills and confidence.
  • Send your old Christmas lights to Holiday LEDS and in return you’ll receive a coupon for 15% of your purchase of Holiday LEDS’ energy efficient LED lights.

Dump Dated Decor

Every year you unpack those boxes of holiday decorations, and every year a few things stay in the box and go back into the attic until it’s time to take the other decorations back down again. This year, get rid of those items you’re holding onto for whatever reason. For example:
  • Dead strands of lights. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.
  • Cards from Christmas past. Some may hold high sentimental value to you, but probably about 99 percent can be tossed.
  • Out-of-place ornaments from your spouse’s aunt. Don’t stick them on the back of the tree; donate them to a local organization.
  • Mismatched candle nubs. This wax baggage is only collecting dust.
  • Broken or faded inflatables, signs and figures. Is Joseph missing an ear? I’m sure your neighbors will enjoy the charming duct tape embellishment to your “North Pole” sign.

Simple Decorating for the Season

Decorating for this season doesn’t have to require a professional and complicated design.  You can still have a wow factor without designing a new centerpiece or topiary for every table and corner. Try these:
  • Use leftover greenery from the tree or purchase simple greenery to place in vases and create simple centerpieces.
  • Top the tree with alternative objects. Such as bells or lanterns.
  • Swap out your usual throw pillows for holiday ones that coordinate with the room.
  • Christmas morning, provide floor pillows for the children to open their gifts on.
  • Display paperwhites in various places in your home. They don’t require soil so there’s less risk of a mess.

Childproofing Techniques

Children are faster than they look and definitely very curious. This whole world is new to them! Keep your precious young children safe by childproofing dangerous areas of your home. Be sure to keep any dangerous items well out of reach.
  • Cover corners of the coffee table, fireplace and other dangerous edges with rounded bumpers.
  • Childproof your outlets by switching to childproof outlets or installing covers to prevent electrocution.
  • “Baby” or safety gates can prevent children from tumbling down stairs or entering other dangerous areas.
  • Lock kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers.
  • Trim to shorten the cords and pulls to window blinds.

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