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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall Fix-Ups for a Lush, Green Lawn in Spring

The leaves are falling, it is football season and the air is turning crisp. But that’s no excuse to ignore your lawn.
  • Let the leaves be your guide. When the leaves start to turn, it is time to fix up the lawn. When the first frost hits or the temperature drops below 45 degrees, it is too late.
  • Give the lawn a winter coat. Apply a winterizer and fall fertilizer, available in almost any local gardening store, to strengthen the root system and give the lawn the vital nutrients it needs.
  • Eliminate weeds before Winter. Utilizing a weed control in fall will kill weeds in the lawn and reduce the number of weeds that pop up in the spring.
  • Ban the bugs. Applying an insect control will keep your yard safe in fall and your home protected in winter.

Be Creative When Hiding Valuables

A burglar entering your home already knows the obvious hiding places. So, how can you keep your valuables secure? Besides investing in a safe that’s bolted down, other hiding options may provide just as much protection.
  • Food storage containers – You could hide valuables in food jars, boxes and bags – even, in some cases, if the food is still there. For instance, place valuables inside a plastic bag or wrap it in foil, stash it in a bag of flour and store it at the back of a shelf.
  • Freezer – Place the wrapped valuables in an ice cream container or bag of frozen vegetables.
  • Bathroom Cupboards – Place valuables within personal hygiene items or cleaning supplies stored in bathroom cupboards. Again, avoid the medicine cabinet.
  • Diversion Safes – Small, non-locking safes that are made to look like various household items can conceal valuables.

Managing Medicines

With the many different medicines out there, looking into your medicine cabinet can be confusing and complicated. It’s hard to keep track of who in the family is taking what and the dangers of drug reactions, interactions and side effects. Even worse is the fact that serious drug reactions are increasing, according to a recent analysis reported to the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Manage medications profiles for yourself and your family.
  • Get instant access to in-depth medical information, drug comparisons, FDA alerts, drug interactions, plus food, allergy and medical condition interactions.
  • Choose to be notified when new FDA alerts are issued and when new medications become available for your existing conditions.
  • Print health and medication records.

Small Budget Improvement: Better Looking Cabinets 

Painting your kitchen cabinets can freshen up the busiest room in your home. But don’t think you need to shell out big bucks to get it done. What does it take? Here are the basics:
  • Be Prepared: That means emptying cabinets and drawers, and clearing off counters.
  • Remove and Fill: Remove the doors and drawers or drawer fronts that are to be painted, and remove the hardware (handles, pulls and hinges).
  • Clean and Sand: Clean the door and drawer surfaces. Sand the surfaces, and wipe away any dust or sawdust with a moist cloth.
  • Paint: Apply a primer first. It’s a good idea to paint the inside panel of the cabinets first, then the outer framework.

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