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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

February is the Best Time to…

There are a lot of great deals going on this month all due to timing. The following tips are great ways to save money, because right now the prices are the lowest!
  • Refurnish your home! Many floor samples can be bought at an incredibly reduced price. You just have to be willing to search and negotiate.
  • Upgrade your laundry room! Last year’s model of washer and dryer is on sale to make room for the new model, however again, you must be willing to search and negotiate.
  • Prepare for warmer weather! Because air conditioners are not in demand while the weather is still frigid, now is a great time to grab a new one for the summer.
  • Get married! Many venues, photographers and caterers may have discounted prices this month because, although the month of love, February is not a popular month for weddings.
Source: Reader’s Digest, rd.com

Quick Tips for Savvy Savings

Saving money is the same as putting money back into your bank account that otherwise would be spent unnecessarily. Here are a couple quick tips for saving money that you may not know!
  • Save gas by visiting Route4Me.com, and using their route-planning software to plan your errand route as efficiently as possible.
  • Save 27% more ink by using either Times New Roman or Calibri fronts on your printed documents.
Source: Reader’s Digest, rd.com

Saving Safely

Saving money is important, however, there are a few items that you should look for on the clearance rack and not at the second-hand store or garage sale.
  • For safety reasons, tires, helmets and car seats should never be purchased used. Damage may not always be apparent on these items and because these items are primarily responsible for safety and travel, purchase new, safe models to protect yourself and your family.
  • For hygienic reasons, mattresses, hats and swimming suits should never be purchased used. Each of these items may contain bacteria or other dangers that may cause unpleasant infections.
Source: Reader’s Digest, rd.com

Florist Finds for February

Considering purchasing flowers for your Valentine or just to brighten up the room as we approach the end of a long winter? Follow these suggestions to cut the cost of flowers, as well as make them last longer so that you get the most out of your purchase:

To Find a Deal: Always take the chance of asking for a discount, it really can’t hurt. Also, always buy local for better prices. Ask for specials on the weekends because new flowers will be arriving Monday morning.

To Make Them Last: To keep your blooms blooming longer, use a sharp knife to cut stems at an angle and cut away any leaves below the water line. Change the water in the vase every other day, washing the vase with soap each time. Ask for extra preservative packets so that you may add the preserver each time you change the water. Also, keep the flowers away from fruit and sunny windows, which both cause them to die faster.

Source: Reader’s Digest, rd.com

Money-Saving Tips